Superyacht-line Decking

As ‘innovation in materials’  and ‘thinking green’ are important topics nowadays, Van de Stadt Houtimport proudly presents the next generation in teak decking: SUPERYACHT-LINE DECKING.

Deckings, margins, and beams produced from 1st class teak veneers from FSC® Thai plantations.
The veneers are glued together with a melamine glue under high pressure. Creating a solid looking piece a vertical grain teak. Due to the soft type of glue, no sharp razor blades appear when the deck wears through time.

The lengths are produced to 4.0 meter fixed lengths. This will allow you to have a quiet looking deck with less butt-joints. The final product is defect free, extremely straight and ‘fine grained’. Yet flexible enough to follow the natural lines of the yacht.


All products are FSC® certified, allowing you to have a modern ‘green’ deck but with the trustworthy properties of solid teak.

  • Durability

The material oils make it more resistant to rot and decay.

  • Anti-slip

Teak provides a natural excellent anti-slip surface, even in extreme weather and sea conditions.

  • Insulation

As a medium density hardwood, teak adds both thermal and sound insulation.

  • Temperature

Teak is cooler under foot than most of the synthetic or other alternative deck-coverings.

  • Tradition

Teak decks are an integral part of the yacht industry. “A yacht without a teakdeck is just an working vessel”

  • Reparability

Minor damage is often handled with a bit of sanding. Major repairs that require removal and replacement of planks are not that difficult for a marine carpenter

Another advantage is that SuperYach-Line gives you almost unlimited possibilities in the design of the deck. SuperYacht-Line can delivered either from stock or produced within reasonable guaranteed time.